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It takes a lot of time and some serious effort to grow knowledge, know-how and experiences. I invested a lot of it and did so with great joy. I also keep on learning every single day. If you are interested in how I became the one I am today, you find a sum up of my business life up here (Sorry, sorry, currently only in German).

Let me introduce you to my portfolio of professional services. I am more than happy to support your projects in one way or the other


Consulters are here for solving specific problems and working on defined projects. However, more often than not it is not yet clear, what kind of external support is needed. Is it a technical challenge or an organisational one? Mainly a commercial question or something around effectiveness and efficiency?

During the years I gained experiences along the whole value chain of business. Be it Go-To-Market strategies for manufacturers or Tech-Rollouts in the field of Audio/Video/Unified Communication for corporations. Likewise there were a lot of strategic projects in the field of sales channel, distribution, dealer networks and the like.

Interim Management

Sometimes the task is simply too big to be called a project. Then there is hands-on needed, bare execution instead of fancy Powerpoint slides. I am fully ready and prepared to take over the helm as interim manager. After successfully running my own company as well as working as a top manager with global P&L responsibility you can count on me knowing and acting on your behalf to get things done and delivering results.

Interim Management can be a temporary additional support for your management team or jumping in on short notice as emergency replacement. I support you also during difficult phases like mergers & acquisitions or restructuring. Besides competencies and for sure, I will bring in a breath of fresh air from the outside. One important fact to note: As your interim manager I am 100% committed to you and your expectations only.

Start-up Mentoring

The startup world is fascinating, fast paced and fun. Nevertheless, it is no kindergarten but for sure a tough business. I can fully relate as I founded my first company at the age of 24. Many years later and thankfully a lot more ups than downs I am offering my experiences and my network to start-ups.

My involvement can be as diverse as the start-ups to support. It can be coaching and mentoring to the founders. It can also be technical expertise during due diligence processes for PE/VC investors or organizational questions like go to market or sales channels. Maybe I even invest a little money myself. Who knows, what the exciting world of start-ups will bring next?
But one thing is for sure: Businesses must be worth doing it! I deliver results and dont forget about the targets, because as already stated:
A start-up is no kindergarten.

Board Member / Advisory Board

An external board of directors is no old-fashioned gentlemen club anymore. Besides financial and legal finesse todays boards must be able offer solid advice and support in operational excellence and firm technological know-how. Also, more and more SMEs make use of advisory boards as this is one of the most effective & efficient ways of getting targeted feedback as well as access to a wealth of knowledge.

I am able to bring a lot of value to your supervisory bodies due to my personal experience as both a long-term entrepreneur myself but also as a manager. My technical expertise is as helpful as is my extensive network of smart people. Today’s shareholders rightfully demand a lot from their advisory boards. I am more than ready to deliver.

Personal Mantra

People call it the entrepreneurial triangle:
1. Operating Excellence, 2. Technology, and 3. Business Economics
I am a firm believer in this school of thought. So, whatever the job, whatever the project, all three bases need to be covered in order to succeed.

The tagline of my business is „raising the bar“ and I mean it.

Active listening, a holistic view & approach, searching for the best solution, working hard to deliver measurable results, and finally celebrating success is the way to go. I did it before and I can do it again for you.
No fooling around but getting things done, nothing more but nothing less.

If you like what you read, don’t hesitate to contact me!